Wednesday 1/15/20 & Thursday 1/16/20

Printing & Imaging & Graphic Design-
Content Objective:
We will Continue learning Photoshop CC2018
I will create a caricature of myself in Photoshop

Make your own Caricature in Photoshop!

Follow these instructions to make your caricature!
Step 1- find a full-length photo of you, or have a friend take one [quickly... like right now :)]
Step 2- In photoshop, cut yourself out and place on a white background.
Step 3- follow the instructions to create your caricature
**Have fun with this!
Due end of class Friday

Adv. Printing & Imaging & Adv. Graphic Design-
Content Objective:
We will Continue learning Illustrator CC2018
Creare a flat animal in Illustrator

Create a Flat Animal Icon!

Follow these instructions to create 2 Flat Animals of your choice [Cat, dog panda, fox, etc]! Both animals can be on one artboard. [6" inches wide x 4" inches tall].
**Have fun with this!

Due end of class Friday

Practicum Graphic Design-Content Objective:
Continue working with your package design. 


Continue working on your packaging pieces. Begin the steps to photograph your packaging. Research product photography and save the images you are drawn to. You will use these as examples to show the Photography student next week. Be thinking about lighting, props and the texture of the surface your packaging will be on. 

Due end of class Friday

We will comply with standard practices and behaviors that meet legal and ethical responsibilities.
I will follow along with the Ethics Powerpoint and answer questions & create an IT Laws Poster Project.

Warm-up- Choose your favorite "Take Care of Texas Video"
More than 580 Texas students from both middle and high school worked hard to create videos for the Take Care of Texas Video Contest, and we're excited to announce the preliminary finalists. Now, it's time for you to pick your favorites!

Intellectual Property Cases Activity
Get into groups of 2. Complete the Intellectual Property Cases Activity on your blog. Ve prepared to share with the class.