Tuesday January 7, 2020

On your blog, tell me what the hidden meaning is in this logo.  

2. Logos from the Holiday class discussion.
Share out 2 of the logos from the holidays. 

4. Brand Identity Lesson- WEBSITE
Copy & paste these questions on a new blog post. Answer the questions on your blog. 
  • Define the term "Brand Identity"
  • What are the elements of a Brand Identity?
  • The goal of brand identity design is______.
  • True or False: brand identity is only important for big companies.
  • What is a Brand?
  • Do designers design Brands or Brand Identities?
  • A strong brand communicates _____.
  • What is Branding?
  • The goal of the branding process is to _____. 
  • Define Brand Awareness. 
  • Define Brand Equity.
We will comply with standard practices and behaviors that meet legal and ethical responsibilities.
I will follow along with the Ethics Powerpoint and answer questions & create an IT Laws Poster Project.

Warm-up- What would you do if someone took something you created and made thousands of dollars selling it? How would you react? What action would you take? Why?

Ethics Lesson- Legal & Ethical Responsibilities in Information Technology
Download Powerpoint -Legal Responsibilities: Slides 1-25
Download Student Notes
Download Vocabulary Sheet
Answer the following questions on your blog:
1. Define Laws-
2. Which law is aimed to improve the security & privacy of sensitive information in federal computer systems?
3. Which law establishes a Code of Fair Information Practice?
4. How long is a prison sentence for someone who commits copyright infringement for the first time?
5. Which symbol identifies a particular source of goods or service from others:
Copyright, Trademark, Patent or Creative Common License?