Thursday 1/9/20

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be? Why?

Content Objective:
We will identify brand awareness and how it relates to Graphic Design & Marketing. 
Closing Task, Product or Question:
I will identify the term brand awareness and answer questions on my blog.

Graphic Design Project-
Continue redesigning the logo below in Photoshop to appeal to the consumer. Be sure to consider the type of business it is. 
Adv. Printing & Imaging | Adv. Graphic Design Project | Practicum Project- 
Continue redesigning the logo below in Illustrator to appeal to the consumer. Be sure to consider the type of business it is. 

We will comply with standard practices and behaviors that meet legal and ethical responsibilities.
I will follow along with the Ethics Powerpoint and answer questions & create an IT Laws Poster Project.

Continue working on your Info Technology Law Poster Project

When your poster is complete please turn it in the following way: 

  1. Name your file "YourLastFirstname_ITLawPoster"
  2. Save your poster as a JPEG Medium 
  3. Go to your class Google Folder-
  4. 3rd Period
  5. 4th Period
  6. Create a folder inside your class folder, name it "Last Firstname". 
  7. Drag & Drop your poster and citation sheet in your folder with your name in it.
  8. We'll present next week.