Monday 1/13/20

Mrs. Hayden will be out today, you will have a sub. 
Please be angels and help the sub with whatever is needed. 😊

WARM-UP- Music Monday- Would you rather be an accomplished singer or play an instrument well?

Writing Assignment- Ethical or Unethical. 
Open up worksheet the following questions on your blog. 
Be sure to explain your thoughts on each question in at least 2-3 sentences. 

Travel Ad- Choose a place anywhere in the world that you'd most like to travel to. In Photoshop, design a web ad that would inspire travelers to go there. 
Include the following in your ad:
  1. Dimensions- 720 x 300 pixels; 150 PPI
  2. Name of the destination (city, country, resort, etc.)
  3. Use at least 1 image found on Google (make sure the image is 'labeled for reuse') 
  4. At least 3 reasons to entice your viewer to visit (explore a specific location, stay at a hotel, etc)
  5. A slogan or tagline for the travel location.